Monday, 24 April 2017

Initial research

 shot types close up and mid shots of brandy, liquor and vodka they do this to show the thing they are selling high quality
brand name: blood hawk

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Horror Films

 L/o: To explore 

Horror Movies:

The Rings
Don't Breathe
Lights out 
The Conjuring 1 and 2
The purge 
10 clover field lane 
The Forest 
The darkness
The shallows 
The viel 
Cabin Forever  
Annabelle 1 and 2
Get out 
The dark tower 
Saw: Legacy 
It comes at night 
Friday the 13h 
Super natural   
Black Comedy 

Recipe For Psychological

Child To Get killed
daed bodies 
fast camera movement  
scary setting
one person lives he rest die 
jump scares 

1. get a scary location to record the trailer
2. creepy child talks in the beginning 
3.introduse the innocent people into the trailer
4. make a scary location for them to move into 
5.make it haunted by a creepy toy or doll
6.The creepy doll or toy is haunted but the child wants to keep it 
7. the ghost or spirit take over the innocent child
8.child foces over sibling to hang them selfs 
9. the parents are worried and get a priest of someone who works with ghosts or is holy to help them find out what is wrong with there child 
10.mum and dad decide to take matters and kill the child (but not seen in trailer)
11, the ending of the trailer is the daughter with the ghost spirit inside of her laying on the floor with hr dad holding a knife getting ready to stab here then bam tralier ends