Monday, 24 April 2017

Initial research

 shot types close up and mid shots of brandy, liquor and vodka they do this to show the thing they are selling high quality
brand name: blood hawk

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Horror Films

 L/o: To explore 

Horror Movies:

The Rings
Don't Breathe
Lights out 
The Conjuring 1 and 2
The purge 
10 clover field lane 
The Forest 
The darkness
The shallows 
The viel 
Cabin Forever  
Annabelle 1 and 2
Get out 
The dark tower 
Saw: Legacy 
It comes at night 
Friday the 13h 
Super natural   
Black Comedy 

Recipe For Psychological

Child To Get killed
daed bodies 
fast camera movement  
scary setting
one person lives he rest die 
jump scares 

1. get a scary location to record the trailer
2. creepy child talks in the beginning 
3.introduse the innocent people into the trailer
4. make a scary location for them to move into 
5.make it haunted by a creepy toy or doll
6.The creepy doll or toy is haunted but the child wants to keep it 
7. the ghost or spirit take over the innocent child
8.child foces over sibling to hang them selfs 
9. the parents are worried and get a priest of someone who works with ghosts or is holy to help them find out what is wrong with there child 
10.mum and dad decide to take matters and kill the child (but not seen in trailer)
11, the ending of the trailer is the daughter with the ghost spirit inside of her laying on the floor with hr dad holding a knife getting ready to stab here then bam tralier ends 


Monday, 12 December 2016

Assignment 2 Film promotion

Draft 1

The film is Batman Vs Super and it is directed by

Zack Snyder and the production company’s are

§ Dc Comics

§ Warner Bros.

§ Dc Entertainment

§ Ratpac

§ Cruel And Unusual Films

§ Atlas Entertainment

§ Syncopy Inc.

The Genre of the film is a action, Superhero, Adventure and also Science Fiction and the target audience of the film is aimed at teenagers and older children such as the age of 12+

BBFC: Moderate Violence, Threat, Infrequent strong language and also they made a $278 million dollar profit

Institution: Warner Bros.

Synergy’s Used:

§ Posters

§ Adverts

§ Toys

§ Phone Cases

§ Bill Boards

§ Cars

§ Action Figures

§ Limited edition dr pepper cans

Star Power:

Ben Affleck

Henry Cavill


This film is not a franchise cause there are no films before or after the film as of yet but could become a franchise later in the future


The poster shows a very serious look between all of the hero’s and that it will not be a type of comedy or Humorous instead it’s a serious action and some jump scares which shows some horror.


It shows that their might be some conflict between batman vs super man just by the title of the film and also in the person

Audience about the representation:

That the film is action and indicates that batman will have a fight and that something happens during the film cause you can tell by the poster that I choose

Actors In Poster:

There are 3 known actors that are:

Ben Affleck-Batman

Henry Cavill-Super Man

Gal Gadot –Wonder Woman

How Are They Presented:

They are presented in a 3 which almost makes them look like a team in the poster which makes you wonder why its called batman vs super man

Actors Fact:

Ben Affleck


Gender: Male

Race: Irish German

Rich: Yes

Poor: no

Henry Cavill


Gender: Male

Race: Jersey and Irish

Rich: Yes

Poor: No

The Poster is filled with one big picture and not a lot of text about 35% of text and the rest is the picture

Tagline: Doesn’t Have One

How does it show the genre: it shows that it is a action and also maybe a bit of a horror as well case of the colours used. e.g. Red, black, etc.

They have used this colour scheme to show meaning in the poster such as The bright yellow in the background could show excitement

and maybe even happiness

What can you see: You can see the 3 hero’s are standing all together The 3 super hero’s are Batman, Super Man and wonder woman.

The shot type that is used is a medium long shot you could also tell because you have all characters and a bit of the background as well which could also show the type of shot that is used.

The camera angle is normal which shows that they seem their selves as normal people not as super hero’s..

The lighting in the poster is faded to make more of a dark action feeling

The title is just under the middle of the poster on the hero’s legs and the size of the writing isn’t too big to make


The trailer show more then just the poster and also gives off more hints of what the film may be like and also answers a lot of the audiences questions.

In the poster the characters are shown as hero’s and also look like they are a team or maybe even wonder woman stops them from fighting but were as in the trailer they are shown as enemies but later on in the trailer you can see them working as a team rather then as against each other.

The First Part Of Trailer Pictures:

Here is the first camera angel of the ultimate edition trailer and as you can see it is a long of meteorites falling or maybe parts of a broken down ship or maybe parts of a building that are on fire.

This is a close up of ben Affleck with a little girl after the building starts to fall down after superman causes it to fall which could show that superman is the reason that they start to fight.

This is a medium clos up shot of superman with everyone around him making him feel and look like a god and also a hero when he might not be

Middle Of Trailer Pictures:

Here is a medium long shot of batman(BenAffleck)

Looking at his weapons and also his gadgets to fight superman with

Here’s a long shot of the words “The Ultimate Battle” to build effect towards the audience and also get them excited it is also a Medium Shot 

Here’s another picture from the middle of the trailer and bot hero’s are facing each other looking like they are ready to fight and this is a close up of both of them facing each other

End Of Trailer Picture:

Here is a picture of near the end of the trailer and as you can see there is a big mutant which is in a long shot angel and also there is a lot of fire which represents bad and evil.

Here is a close up of wonder woman and they have used this camera shot to make more of an effect on the viewers.

This is a long shot of all 3 hero’s together which maybe might show that they are as a team or they have just made up to defeat the mutant in the middle shots of the trailer


I think that the poster was a good way to promote the film while they made the trailer and I think the poster was very good and was well designed and of course the trailer is better then the poster cause it’s a video and shows more details about the film but then the poster doesn’t show that much information about the film in total.

Climax: towards the end of the trailer you start to see more action between the actors and also you see batman superman and also wonder woman working together

Monday, 14 November 2016

Assignment 2 Tasks

The marketing and promotion of a media text across two or more media platforms (areas of the media industry)


  • Adverts 
  • Posters 
  • Magazines
  • Coke A Cola 
  • Phones
  • Watches
  • T-Shirts 
  • After-Shave  
  • Bus poster
  • Cinema Add 
  • Phone Cases 
  • Car Models (Hot Wheels)
  • Beer 
  • Suit Company 
  • Trains 
  • Song 
  • Merchandise 
  • Interactive 
  • Made Lynx
  • Radio Adverts 
  • Skayaelctrix
  • T.v. Adverts 
  • Trailers 
  • T.V. interviews 
  • Bilboards 
  • Theme Song 
  • Champagne 
  • Video Games 
  • Sony 


Synergy is where a media company such as Disney pairs up with lots of other companys

Initial Research:

Was Made By:Charles Roven Deborah Synder

Target Audience: 12+

Promotion:Warner Bros, DC, Posters


Genere:Action Cause of the dark gloomy colours and also the way that the two characters are looking at each other.

What Does The Trailer Tell Us:That batman and superman are fighting do then super man can save his mother and then the evil villain who makes them ends up thinking that he tricked the but actually they work together to save super mans mother

 What Links: There are links towards social media for the build up to the movie

How Is The Main Characters Presented:The two characters are show on this movie poster

How Are They Shown In The Trailer:They are shown in the trailer as enemies and that they hate each other until near the end of the story