Monday, 12 March 2018

Assignment 1 cover & explanation

Images: I have used these images and have taken my own pictures to make it more of my own work and so then i can go into detail on why i have taken images like this one that i have used

Color: I have used dark colours to represent war buy using black white grey etc i have also used brighter colours around the edges and on the text to make it stand out and make people look at the sub text

Connotations: The colour black grey gives a dark feeling and a gloomy feeling towards it and can be associated with war etc

Font: i have used new fonts to make it stand out as a new magazine and to get people to buy my magaziene

Positioning: The positioning of the text is based on other gaming magazines that i have seen and researched, The title is at the bottom in most of the magazine covers

Text: I have used bright colours for the text to make t stand out and not just concentrate on the title, i have used a more modern text then usual and have added colour to it.

Assignment 2 Poster

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Assignment 2 Explanation

Title Of The Film: Moon Child Vs Steel Trap

Genre: Super Hero which then would also include genres of Action, Adventure, Sy-Fy and Fantasy

How Are My Poster And Trailer connected: They both have the same fonts and the same characters used in them, they will also include the same actors and credits.

Where they will be placed/shown: They will be posted all over social media and will also be shown in cinemas before the film

What Institutions did you choose: i chose warner brothers because they are the most known film company and are really good at what they do

How Does It Appeal To The Target Audience: By giving the trailer the small peaks at the most action packed parts of the film and giving the target audience the chance to interact with us the film producers

How Effective Are They, What Would You Change: I think that my poster is convincing and powerful to my audience and i would put more detail into my poster

Monday, 24 April 2017

Initial research

 shot types close up and mid shots of brandy, liquor and vodka they do this to show the thing they are selling high quality
brand name: blood hawk